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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Get That Lower V-Cut In Your Abs

In order to get this great visual effect on your body "V-Cut" you will need to get the right abs workout and good nutrition. We know that building ABS takes time, but you are ready to do the job, you will get this V-cut faster than you think!
With this Ultimate V-Cut Abs Workout, you will be able to build your abs the most effective way.

Sets And Reps For V-Cut Abs Workout

We will aim for 4 sets for each exercise, which is great for putting enough stress on the abs to get them torn. Since the abdominals are small muscles, they quickly overlap between each set, so we present between 30-40 sec between each set of rest and 1-2 minutes between each exercise.

Exercise 1: 6 sets / 20-25 reps 

 Exercise 2: 6 sets / 20-25 reps

 Exercise 3: 4 sets / 12-15

Workout Video...

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