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Saturday, 3 December 2016

The 5 Best Lat Exercises You're Not Doing

Your workouts sometimes feel like a meal you've been eating every day for years. On the next day, it's rows and pull-downs. Next time, rows and pull-ups. And for the truly inspired, flip the script and you have pull-ups and rows.

But not today. Instead of serving the same ol 'dish, we bid farewell to the chef and came with a menu of all new days back. So let's take out the old-including this tired kitchen metaphor- with five new exercises worth trying on your back training.

1. Single-Arm Long-Bar Row

About this movement: Set for the bar to be along its side (an alternate version with the bar perpendicular to what is known as a row of meadows.) With your chest facing up and flat back, bend and grab the bar Close to neck with A neutral grip, keeping your knees bent. Pull your elbow as high as possible, but do not rotate your body, keep it square and looking forward. Always have the neutral head aligned too.

 2. Decline Dumbbell Pull-Over

About this movement: Choose a bench that has about 45 degree slope, and lay a unique dumbbell on the floor at its base. Hook your legs under the rest, and reach back for weight. Your arms should be almost straight, but your elbows should be unlocked and stay in more or less the same position throughout the movement. Pull the weight up to a point somewhere on your chest, really focusing on pulling with your lats.

Key training tip:

This is a single-joint movement, so don't try to turn it into a powerlift. Go light, and do it last in your workout after all your other back exercises for 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

3. Single-Arm Cable Row

About this movement Sets as if you were doing a row of cable sitting with your knees bent and your back slightly arched, sitting high. Grip the handle with one hand, pulling your elbow as far back as possible without twisting your body to one side. Remove the shoulder blade, and give the muscles of the middle part of the back a moment before allowing the weight to pull your arm back to the starting position.

 4. Kneeling Isolateral Cable Pull-Down

About this movement: Place the cables in the upper position, and quite the handles. That's right, just grab the rubber balls. Walk on each side and take the right cable in your right hand and the left cable in your left hand, holding the ball between your thumb and forefinger.

 5. Single-Arm Smith Machine Row

About this movement: It may seem as straightforward as it can be, but getting your body in the optimal position to pull is difficult. Place the bar near the bottom of the Smith apparatus, and disengage precautions so that the bar approaches the floor. Stand toward the unit, toward the center of the bar. Bend about 45 degrees with a flat back, and place your outer hand on your knee for support. Use a split pose for balance with your knees bent and your back foot almost under the bar.