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Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Best Exercises To Get V-Line Abs

program :
Stay focused throughout the session. Forget everything around you and only think of getting in depth the working muscles.

This program only specialist in exercise muscle Abs
Details and the ways that will be applied in :

Warm Up Your Abs

The best way to warm up your abs, is to start an abs exercise with no weights or add some dynamic stretching pre-workout. It will increase the blood flow into your muscles and also prevents injuries.

To find out the number of reps through the following link ...
Note: During this workout you should not focus on rushing the moments. You will have to control the weight from the beginning to the end of the movement; with good form.

Weighted Hanging Leg Raises

 Sets 4
Reps 10-12
Rest 30 seconds

 Weighted Oblique Twists

 Sets 4
Reps 10-15
Rest 30 seconds

 Flutter Kicks

 Sets 3
Reps 20-30
Rest 30 seconds
Abs V Hold

Sets 3
Reps 15-20
Rest 30 seconds
The Workout (Video):

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