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Thursday, 28 January 2016

The 5 Best Tricep Exercises for Mass

Here are our top 5 exercises for building chiseled triceps. Each exercise hits all three heads to a certain degree, but some are better than others at activating each part. Incorporate these exercises into your routine and not only will your triceps pop out with enhanced definition and size, but they’ll also improve your bench press and other chest/shoulder exercises.

The 5 Best Tricep Exercises for Mass

 Triceps Dips

If you want big triceps, dips are absolutely essential. Dips are fantastic for hitting all three heads at once, and they’re one of the only exercises that effectively blasts all three heads simultaneously (along with the closed-grip bench press, which is #2). Also, unlike cable exercises and a lot of other isolation triceps exercises, dips allow you to overload your triceps with a significant amount of weight. More weight lifted = more muscle gained.

 Closed-Grip Bench Press

The Closed-Grip Bench Press is another great exercise that destroys all three heads of the triceps at once. Closed grip bench presses are also phenomenal for adding definition to the inner chest and creating that really nice line of separation between the two pecs. The CGBP allows the triceps to handle a huge amount of weight, which results in quick muscle and strength gains.

 Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers, aka Barbell Lying Triceps Extensions, work primarily the long and medial heads of the triceps. Building up the long head adds size to the inner-bottom portion of the arm, which helps add overall height to your arms.

The Key For Triceps Mass

 Overhead Lateral Triceps Extension

Overhead Lateral Triceps Extensions are awesome for smashing the lateral head of the triceps, which is critical for building up a dense, well-shaped horseshoe (they also hit the long head hard, the other half of the horseshoe). I love overhead lateral triceps extensions because they really allow you to feel a nice stretch on the way down and a powerful contraction on the way up.

  Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions

Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions emphasize the medial head, which adds length to the triceps and helps builds size around the elbow joint. I also find that it’s easy to pump out an insane squeeze at the point of contraction.

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