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Sunday, 3 January 2016

How to Get V Cut Abs

Men and women love this V-Cut, it's a sign of true dedication into your nutrition and your workout. However, some people may have it because of their genetics, lucky guys! But here, we're not here to talk about "talent" nor "genetics", because getting a V-Cut abs is possible if you're dedicated.

Gym Workout prepared you a ultimate v-cut abs workout to help you build the abs you've always dreamed of!

Eat 4-5 small meals a day. Eat complex carbohydrates only once or twice a day. Eat protein and vegetables at all other meals.

How to Get V Cut Abs

A Sample Day Would Be:

        Meal 1:
        Scrambled egg whites topped with salsa and Oatmeal with 2 tbsp fat free, sugar free jam.
        Meal 2:
        Fish or chicken on top of a leafy green salad with balsamic vinegar or non-fat dressing.
        Meal 3:
        Herb roasted chicken and grilled or steamed asparagus.
        Meal 4:
        High protein shake.
        Meal 5:
        Sliced roasted turkey breast with raw or steamed broccoli florets with non-fat dressing dip. Plain baked yam.

A Sample Abdominal Workout Would Be:

    Do 3 different abdominal exercises.

        4 Sets Of 25 Crunches

        4 Sets Of 15 Lower Ab "L"

        4 Sets Of 25 Oblique Twists

Do this program 4-5 X a week. Abdominals are one of the only muscle groups that can be trained on back-to-back days so don't worry about alternating your workout days. Do as many as 6 days a week if you are motivated and want to get your Money Maker faster.

 Lower Ab "L"
KEY Lower Ab Workout

 Oblique Twists

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