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Monday, 4 January 2016

Arm Workouts: 7 Amazing Triceps Exercises

If your triceps aren't growing like you want them to, it's time to throw in some new moves. Here are eight of my favorite triceps exercises. Add them to your workout and watch your horseshoes grow!

I've compiled a list of seven exercises to really add some size and strength onto your triceps. Some of the movements are similar to what you're already doing, but I've added some unique twists and intensity-amplifiers to take those push-downs and skullcrushers to an entirely different level. Other movements may be totally new to you. Once you try them, I bet they'll become go-to exercises in your triceps workouts.

#1 Bodyweight Skullcrushers

 #2 Dumbbell Rollbacks

 #3 PVC Pipe Skullcrushers

 #4 Close-Grip Bench Press

 #5 Kickbacks with a Twist

 #6 Three-way Skullcrushers

 #7 Rep-Hold Push-Downs