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Sunday, 20 December 2015

TOP 4 WORST EXERCISES (Stop Doing These!!)

Any exercise can become the worst exercise if you perform it incorrectly. That said, certain exercises deserve the title of the "worst exercise ever" simply because of the low reward, high risk nature of it. In this post, I show 4 of the worst exercises for building muscle and what you can do instead.

Each of the exercises listed in this video is included because of the high risk low reward that it offers. As a physical therapist and strength coach for professional athletes, I have to know where to draw the line between the two. If a quarterback or pitcher of mine wants to do max overhead snatches, I'm going to tell them it's a bad idea. Why? Because there are other ways to train upper body explosiveness without jeopardizing their career on one fatigued or poorly performed rep.

The 4 worst exercises in this post are as follows: 

1. Chest flies

 2. Behind the neck shoulder presses

 3. Upright Rows

 4. Good Mornings

For safer (and better) exercise options it's time you start training like an athlete.

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I have been using the 8wk cycle which is cutting stack and have had very nice results, 18% body fat to 11% which was a huge mission for me. Skeptic at first for alternatives but glad I tried it.