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Friday, 11 December 2015

Abs Workout To Get A Six Pack

This program only specialist in exercise muscle Abs
Details and the ways that will be applied in :

To get the best results, we will focus only on the rectus abdominis (six pack). We will do another article to cover the obliques.Warmup Your AbsIt is recommended to warm up before exercise to increase blood flow and reduces the risk of injury. A good way to warm up your abs is to do the first exercise with low reps and no additional weight for 2-3 sets.If you want shredded and show your amazing abs, follow the workout we just do for you!

Note: When you train abs you need to focus on having a good shape. This means that every movement will start from the contraction of your abs. Your hands should not help you exercise, if you do not work your abdominal muscles properly. So, do not try to add more weight if your movement is anything but correct.

Keep up the hard work. We're all gonna make it ! 

#1 Standard Crunch
 Sets 4
Reps 12-20

 #2 Decline Crunch

  Sets 4
Reps 12-20

#3 Hanging Leg Raises

  Sets 4

 #4 Plank

 Sets 2
Reps 1min

Lazar Angelov's Ripped Abs !