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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Calf Mass

 This is the best calf building exercise, so always include it in your workouts. Since the Triceps Surae is an extremely powerful muscle group, do not hesitate to work it with heavy weights. Keep in mind that this muscle group alone raises the entire weight of your body hundreds of time each day when you walk, so you need to train it hard for it to grow.


 And last but not least, your calves will not grow without the proper rest. Weightlifters need an average of 8 straight hours of sleep a night for optimal recovery. Depending on the person it may be a little less (7 hours) or a little more (8 hours). Nevertheless any less or more sleep than that could hinder your gains. 

Standing Barbell Calf Raise

 Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise

 Standing Rocking Calf Raise

 Standing Calf Raise With Bands