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Saturday, 21 November 2015

7 best exercises for bigger shoulders

Whatever your goal, one of these 7 mass-building shoulder workouts can help you achieve it!

These workouts don't include warm-up sets. Do as many as you need, but never take warm-ups to muscle failure.

Choose a weight that allows you to reach muscle failure by the target-rep listed. If you have a spotter, do a few forced reps on your heaviest sets of overhead presses.

7 best exercises for bigger shoulders

If you don't have a partner, do a drop set on your last set of each exercise, reducing the weight by about 25 percent when you reach muscle failure and continuing on to a second point of muscle failure.

Dumbbell shoulder press

Seated barbell military press

 Upright row (EZ-bar)

 Bent-over rear-delt raise

 Lateral raise

 Lateral raise machine

 Cable front raise