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Sunday, 18 October 2015

How To Get a Bigger Upper Chest

 To build a huge upper chest, you need a solid training routine to maximize its development. Learn how to get the ultimate chest!

How To Get a Bigger Upper Chest

The Routine

The routine will consist of 4 pressing movements and an isolation exercise. I feel that this will focus on building mass, but the isolation exercise will hit the pecs in a different way, and result in more growth. I was using a 3-1 upper/lower ratio. This means that I would be doing 3 exercises for my upper chest and 1 for my lower chest.

Barbell Incline Bench Press

 Incline Dumbbell Press

Machine Bench Press

 Cable Crossover

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I have been using the 8wk cycle which is cutting stack and have had very nice results, 18% body fat to 11% which was a huge mission for me. Skeptic at first for alternatives but glad I tried it.