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Monday, 21 September 2015

6 Ways to Build Muscle Faster

Follow these key training tips to accelerate your muscle gains.

1. Use Proper Form

Bad form equals bad results. Having good form, feeling your muscles contracting against the weight will develop quality muscle. You will have better workouts and will experience more muscle development going for the feel, as opposed to letting your ego take over.

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t let your training become too fancy and overly complicated. Some of the greatest physiques are guys who trained in the 40’s and 50's. Those guys trained naturally and their routines were simple. 3x per week, full body routine each workout. They also used simple rep schemes, 5 sets of 5 reps, or 5 sets of 10 reps. A simple routine focusing on getting better every workout will go a long way. There is no reason to get fancy, when doing the basics will get the job done.

3. Be Patient

You need a lot of patience to build a great physique. Unfortunately muscle does not grow overnight. In a perfect scenario with optimal conditions your body can make 10g of muscle a day. Gaining 40 lbs of muscle in 30 days won’t happen. Get that idea out of your mind, it does not exist.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is probably the most important item on this list. You have to be consistent when trying to build muscle or burn fat. Every program works to some degree but sticking to a program is what separates the average from the great. People get results in spite of what they do. Those people are the ones who consistently grind in the gym and who consistently train hard no matter what life throws at them.

5. Focus on Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is the most important aspect of muscle building. If you’re not training with progression you’re not working out, period! Muscle only responds to load and training volume. If you’re doing more work with more load your muscle will have no choice but to adapt and grow bigger and stronger. If your focusing on “confusing the muscles” or you’re not committed to your training program your results will be slim to none in the long term.

6. Keep a Workout Journal

How do you know what works for you and what doesn’t? I like to compare our individual bodies to science experiments. We are our own test subjects; you should always be monitoring, tracking and tweaking your program slightly to adjust to the changes you are seeing. Failure to do this will result in plateauing.Without keeping a workout journal how else would you know if what you are currently doing is working? The more detailed your workout journal is the better and faster you will get permanent results.