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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


What does everybody want? A six pack! I can almost promise you that if I asked 100 people if they wanted a six pack almost all of them would say yes. The fact that everyone wants one, it is still one of the hardest fitness goals to obtain. Why is this? Mis-information! There are countless websites out there that gaurentee you a six pack because of their new fitness routines, a special supplelment or pill, and the always laughable special core machines, while none of these alone will ever givevideoour wanted six pack.

Creating a mid section that is worth of a shirtless trip to the beach (guys) or wearing a bikini (women) is obtainable for everyone, but one of the hardest things to work towards, simply because you have to stay on track and have self control.

1. Do Not Spot Train
- Spot training is something when speaking about the core just simple dose not work when trying to obtain a slender midsection. While you will have to pay special attention to your core during workouts, its not the only thing that you can train and think you will end up with a nice core, its just simply not true. An exercise routine that incorporates the whole body is the best kind of routine that will help your reach your goal of a six pack.

2. Diet
- Probably the most important aspect that people seem to overlook when trying to obtain any fitness goal is their diet. I have heard it often said that your fitness goal is 80% diet and 20% working out. This is mostly true, as the food we put in our body plays a huge role. For example, if someone ate a high carb/low protein diet obtaining that six pack is almost unreachable. A diet that is high in protein/moderate to low in carbs and fat, is the best type of diet to be on while trying to cut fat and obtain that core you have been working towards. High protein diet will help your muscles grow and recover from those grueling workouts too!

3. Create Instability
- Your core muscles need instability! You cant equate doing something with half effort to doing core exercises without creating instability. You ever see people doing crunches? Of course! Doing these you would almost have to do twice as much to get the same effect as doing some other exercises. Taking your back off the ground and making your back work, your obliques work, and your rectus abdominis working at the same time is the best way to get a great core workout!

4. Weights for Abs
- A slight contradiction to the above statement, but if you want a six pack you need to pretty much kill your abs! By saying that we mean that you need to give them some resistance to pull and push against, some exercises would be weighted crunches or cable pull downs. (Instability will create an amazing core which is most important, and weight for abs will create a more defined set of abs)

5. Excess Body Fat is the Problem
- The biggest problem that people deal with is body fat. Body fat is what covers up our abs, and for both male and female we tend to carry fat on our stomachs, and really the goal is to get rid of that, so with the above four goals, along with proper cardio this will set you up to loose body fat and uncover your abs. Proper cardio is key as we need to melt that fat away. Cardio with proper nutrition can be done 3-4 times a week for 20-30 min at a high intensity for effective results.